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C/E+ is a web-based audit tool that identifies potential pay equity disparities and presents actional insights for both economic and non-economic solutions.

With five easy steps our C/E+ tool can streamline your compensation audit process – giving you actionable results in seconds.

How Syndio Can Help

Run Initial Analysis

The visual “Traffic Light” is easily interpreted. Allowing you to identify which Similarly Situated Groups (SSGs) have potential equity problems.

Select Controls

Next, select all factors (controls) that are used to determine compensation in the specific group you are analyzing.

If your controls turn the line “green,” then you know that they are the reason, not gender, for compensation differences

View Analysis and Reports

The names list allows you to sort by gender and the difference between predicted and actual compensation.

Use this list to pinpoint any disparities at an individual employee level, and determine whether to make economic (pay) or non-economic (SSG) adjustments